Features of Acoustic Absorbing Panels

· High acoustic properties: Eopanel Acoustic Absorbing Panels provide a relatively high noise reduction factor, making them ideal for home, theaters, auditoriums, office spaces, conference rooms, recording studios, etc.

· Environmentally friendly and safe: Eopanel Acoustic Absorbing Panels are environmentally friendly and safe. No harmful substances are in the production compared to glass fiber wool or mineral rock wool insulation material.

· Easy to maintain: Eopanel Acoustic Absorbing Panels are made of 100% polyester fiber with low melting point fibers bonded and pressed at high temperatures; Acoustic Absorbing Panels require only regular dusting and vacuum cleaning to maintain the integrity and aesthetics of the panels.

· Heat insulation and thermal insulation: In addition to their good acoustic treatment properties, Eopanel Acoustic Absorbing Panels also have very good heat insulation and thermal insulation properties.


· Available Thicknesses:9mm,12mm(0.35in,0.47in).

· Custom shape and size available.

· Length: 2440/2800mm(±5mm), or customizable for any length.

· Width: 1220mm(±5mm), customizable with 2440mm as the limit.

· Thickness: 9, 12, 15, 18, 24, 48mm(±5%) or customizable with 2 inches as the limit.

· 100% recyclable PET (60% at maximum post consumer recycled PET).

· ASTME84 Class A or BS EN 13501.1 Class B-s1, d0.

· Sound Absorption Test Method:ISO354: 2006,ASTM C423-17.

· Noise Reduction Coefficient(NRC):Direct fix: 0.95(at maximum for a 2” thick panel).