Industrial chemical leaks are inseparable from absorbent cotton, but there are many types of absorbent cottons, such as oil absorbent pads, oil-absorbing pillows, oil-absorbing rolls, etc., which are suitable for different environments. For many non-professional friends, they often don't know-how. Choose and use products, let me introduce them to you.

Here is the content list:

●How to choose the right oil absorbent pad?

●How to use an oil absorbent pad correctly?


oil absorbent pads

How to Choose the Right Oil Absorbent Pad?

1. Oil absorbent pad: The oil absorbent pad is a sheet-shaped adsorption product, which is suitable for places with a relatively small leakage area. When using it, directly put the oil absorbent pad on the surface of the oily dirt. The oil absorbent pad is characterized by rapid absorption and convenient use;

 2. Oil-absorbing roll: The oil-absorbing roll is an oil absorbent pad in a roll, which is torn along the hole during use, and torn out of different sizes and shapes according to the usage. The characteristic of the oil absorption roll is that it is flexible to use, torn into a suitable size, and then installed in that position "very in place";

 3. Suction blanket: The dirt absorption blanket is a heavy-duty absorption product, which can be easily laid down. The ground leaking oil can be walked freely on it. The main function of the dirt suction blanket is to maintain a professional working environment and a safe walking surface; 

4. Oil absorption pillow: The oil absorption pillow has a large filling capacity and a fast absorption speed. It can also lock the liquid in a fully saturated state to prevent leakage. It can be used alone or in conjunction with a dirt suction bag. When we deal with the leakage, choosing the appropriate adsorption product can quickly and effectively absorb the oil, you can refer to the above classification instructions to select the appropriate product.


oil absorbent pads

How to Use An Oil Absorbent Pad Correctly?

1. When using the oil absorbent pad, the operator can throw it onto the water on the ship or the shore. It is best to put the oil absorption pad directly on the spilled oil and put it in the place where there is a lot of oil as much as possible, and it is best to agitate it to absorb more spilled oil. Put an appropriate amount of oil absorbent pad to make the oil absorbent pad in a state of oil-absorbing saturation. After the oil absorption of the oil absorption pad reaches saturation, it should be removed from the water as soon as possible to avoid staying in the water for a long time. 

2. When using oil absorbent pads, do not use oil spill dispersant at the same time, so as not to reduce the oil-absorbing capacity of the oil absorbent pads. 

3. According to the amount of spilled oil, sea conditions and weather, speed and direction, timely use, and timely recovery of oil absorbent pads, a small amount of oil absorbent pads can be manually fished by boat. When the number of oil absorbent pads is large, the net bag can be towed by the workboat for recovery.


oil absorbent pads

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